RG's Zero To Hero Programme




When it comes to getting into great shape do you have:

Zero confidence?

Zero know-how?

Zero motivation

I'm going to let you in on a little secret: EVERYBODY started where you are at now, myself included. That's why I've created the Zero To Hero Programme.

This awesome 6-week programme is going to:

  • Give you the confidence you need to boss the gym, the park or wherever you want to work out.

  • Give you the know-how when it comes to using equipment properly, doing exercises correctly, and following the best exercise programme for your personal goals.

  • Teach you how to generate motivation from within you. Most people think motivation occurs before you take action. It does not. Joining this programme and taking action will CREATE motivation

  • Ultimately...transform you into a FITNESS HERO


body transformation

My Transformation


What Can You Achieve?

You set your own goals, you could choose to:

  1. Lose weight

  2. Increase strength

  3. Improve fitness

  4. Tone up

  5. Improve overall health

  6. Reduce stress

  7. Sleep better

  8. Boost self-esteem

  9. Increase confidence

  10. FEEL GREAT inside and out

What do you get during this programme?

  1. Small group personal training sessions every week. Maximum 8 people per session.  Choose between one or two sessions per week. 

  2. A personalised training programme specific to your goals.

  3. Online community and support group

  4. Help with diet and nutrition

About the Personal Training Sessions

These run on Tuesdays and Sundays 8-9pm at All About Me Fitness located in Leighton Buzzard town centre. Maximum 8 people per session. 


Silver membership (1 PT session per week) = £59 per month

Gold membership (2 PT sessions per week) = £118 per month